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April 6, 2020
Spring Break Enrichment Activities

Hello Phenomenal Panther Students and Families: 

We hope that this post finds each of you staying in, staying safe, and staying healthy!  As we continue our distance learning endeavors as a team, we hope that you will take advantage of these learning opportunities.  

While we understand that this week is Spring Break, we encourage you to continue your practice and enrichment.  This week can be used to make up any assignments that have not been completed as well as continue with the following learning and enrichment programs.  Please reach out to your teachers as needed who are here to assist and support you.  For your reference, here is a link to all the staff email addresses.  


Khan Academy - Independent practice and guided learning for: K-12 Mathematics and Literacy; 9-12 Science and Social Studies, AP, and SAT

Newsela - News and events articles at a range of reading levels.

Discovery Education - online learning for Science, Math, Social Studies, and other streaming media

Big Ideas Math - common core Math resources

Delta Math - online supplemental Math resources

Edmodo - Distance learning toolkit


Daily practice SAT app - app with daily Sat preparation practice 

College Board

Khan Academy

Test Prep for Vocabulary

Princeton Review


In closing, we want each of you to continue to stay strong during this time.  We are in this together and we will make it happen!  

April 2, 2020
Governor's Executive Order on Schools

Hello Panther Families,

We want to let you know that we have received information that the Governor has suspended face to face instruction for the remainder of this school year.  As a district, we will be sending additional information out tomorrow afternoon as it relates to how we will proceed.  Please know that learning will continue and our students are our number one priority.  Stay encouraged!  We will join forces to stay safe and protect one another.  We will get through this and we will do everything we can to take care of our students and families.  Please stay tuned as we will update you with details.  Stay safe! 

Our thoughts and love to you all!

If you are interested, we have attached the Executive Order from the Governor as it relates to the school closure.  


March 25, 2020
Note from Beaumont Clinic

On behalf of the Beaumont Teen Health Center, please read the information below.  

Hello Students, 

We have been out of the clinic for over a week now and wanted to check in with you to make sure you are doing well and have what you need.  We also wanted to send out some resources that may be helpful while we are dealing with this pandemic. Know that we are thinking about you and hoping that you are well.   

Here are a few things that you might want to consider doing while you have some time off school:

Practice your breathing at

Visit Storyline Online’s YouTube Channel and allow a celebrity to read you a book (Yes, I realize they are children’s books, but we are all kids at heart, right?) 

Get outside and take a walk, jump on the trampoline in the backyard, play tag with your siblings. I realize that we are under quarantine, but moving your body is essential for both physical and mental health. Be creative, just avoid close contact with any humans you do not live with!   

YouTube has some excellent exercise options if you would like to stay indoors. I highly recommend yoga as it is great for quieting your brain and stretching your muscles. 

Visit YouTube for assistance and guidance in practicing deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditation or guided imagery and mindfulness. There are also some great therapists who have created videos to help you understand and combat anxiety and depression.  And some really adorable animal videos that will likely help you smile. Smiling is really important during times of stress. Just the act of smiling all by itself stimulates a happy response in your brain. Try it. Go ahead… ;) 

Turn off the news and social media for a bit and give your brain a break. Practice mindfulness with the Headspace App or HelloMind (also helpful in redirecting negative thoughts). 

Learn something new about your family. Pretend they are not your mom, dad, or sibling and find out who they are outside of being your relative. (Interview grandma over the phone!) 

Do puzzles, play board games, read books, create art. Get rid of clutter, clean out closets and dressers. Now is a great time to keep a journal!  Teach your animals some new tricks!

Get out of bed!  Seriously. Shower, put on your make up (if you wear it), get dressed.  Your brain loves a routine, so create one that works for you and keeps both your brain and body active. 

If you need to talk to someone I am available via phone only @ 313-843-1639. Currently, I am at the Beaumont Teen Health Center-River Rouge Monday-Friday. It is entirely possible that could change in the future, however I will be checking my voice and e-mail daily regardless. Feel free to reach out and check in via e-mail if desired @ .  Nurse Murphy is currently operating out of Taylor Teen Health Center and able to see some youth for specific medical purposes if need be that are non-Coronavirus related.  She can be reached @ 734-942-2273. Feel free to call and inquire about setting up an appointment if need be.  

Take care of yourselves,

Justin Follebout, LMSW (and the rest of the staff of the Beaumont Teen Health Center- River Rouge).  We miss you!!!


March 23, 2020
RRHS COVID-19 Updates

Hello Panther Students and Families:

We hope that this communication finds you and your family doing well and in good health.  As we continue through this unpredictable time, we strive to keep you updated with any new information that we receive.  

As you may have heard, the Governor has called for a "stay-at-home" order for the next three weeks, through April 13.  What that means for us as a school, is that we will remain closed through that date.  Fortunately, our teachers prepared enough work to cover that entire time period.  Students should continue to work on their Google Classroom with their teachers or the student packets that were picked up at the school last week.  In addition, our Food Services is committed to continue the food pickup as scheduled.  

Spring Break will still be held during the week of April 6 and further supplemental and enrichment opportunities will be sent to support students and families who want to keep working.  

In closing, we encourage each of you to stay safe, practice safe habits and social distancing during this unpredictable time.  Any further updates that we receive will be shared as soon as possible. 


March 18, 2020
Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

Hello Families:

Please find information that can assist you when using the Google Classroom format for completing work via the online learning platform.  Google classroom codes were posted earlier in the week and are included on our website page.  

As a reminder, teachers are available for office hours online from 9-11am and 1-3pm daily.  

Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

RRHS Google Classroom Codes

If parents have questions about or trouble with connecting to Google Classroom or other technology issues while supporting their children at home, they should call Parent Relations.  The Parent Relations team will then get them connected to the right department at the Service Center:
PARENT RELATIONS: 1-877-642-7471


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It's Always A Great Day To Be A Panther!

Enroll Now! 

At River Rouge High School, we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to excel and be challenged in a safe and nurturing learning environment. We also believe that in order to be successful, students must have a growth mindset and focus on learning from challenges.

We provide a multi-faceted program that encompasses excellence in academics, athletics, and the performing arts. We believe in our students and provide caring support for them and their families through wraparound services as well as the efforts of our outstanding staff. 

The 2015-2016 school year was an extremely successful year!

  • River Rouge's Class of 2016 earned over $7 million in scholarships. 
  • Two River Rouge students (Britney Rivers and Lord-Amani Cooper) were awarded with the Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship. 
  • Our football team played in the state finals and were awarded distinction as Academic All-State. 
  • This year saw the return of the River Rouge Theatre Ensemble, who produced two shows. 
  • We successfully added Advanced Placement and Honors courses to our schedule. 
  • The Culinary Arts program successfully opened the Taste of Rouge Cafe right inside of RRHS. 
  • A partnership between River Rouge School District and Beaumont Health resulted in the River Rouge Teen Health Center, which serves all of our students' medical needs, as well as health awareness, prevention, and support. 

It's a great day to be a Panther, and if you would like more information, please contact our enrollment office at (313) 297-9605. Go Panthers! 

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