Culinary Arts at River Rouge

The Culinary Arts program at River Rouge High School embeds students in a professional food preparation and service program. The program provides over 150 students each day with real-life experiences of cooking, restaurant management, and food safety practices. The program is led by Stevon Watkins, who is a chef and caterer in addition to being an instructor. 

Our Culinary Arts room is outfitted with several ovens and stove-top food preparation areas. In addition to the preparation and serving of dishes, students in the Culinary Arts program complete activities related to purchasing and itemizing inventory, world cuisine, measurement, and the importance of nutrition. 

In January of 2016, the Culinary Arts program opened the Taste of Rouge Cafe, which served meals to students, staff, and the community at-large once per week. Money raised from the cafe was rolled back into the growth of the program. 


The CPI Worksheet for the program can be found here at