River Rouge Audio and Music Production Program


The vision of the RRAMP program is to utilize audio production concepts, materials, and practices to give River Rouge High School students an opportunity to explore their creativity, learn and apply core-subject concepts, and to build rigor by embedding them into full audio production experiences.


The RRAMP program makes a profound impact on the lives of its participants by giving them the opportunity to learn and execute the creation of music using commercial-standard materials in a positive and professional environment. We believe that this venture will nurture the overall performance of our students by encouraging the development of grit and a growth mindset through the creation and refinement of music.

Program Overview:

River Rouge School District made the commitment in 2014 to develop and implement a music production curriculum as an elective course for its students. In its first year of implementation, over 150 students participated in the program each semester. In 2015, the school added an advanced course and built Panther Studios, which is housed inside of River Rouge High School.

 In November of 2015, music production instructor Travis Beane and school administrator Roderick Wallace founded the River Rouge Audio and Music Production (RRAMP) program based on the belief that there were students whose interest and level of advancement outpaced the coursework in the six Music Production classes held each day. The intent was to expose them to a full-fledged experience of producing and mixing their own songs, developing studio stamina, and preparing a product for release.

As of January 2016, the group have produced dozens of tracks among themselves and continue to work on a debut compilation. As the 2016-2017 school year began, RRAMP is becoming part of a larger discussion in the educational world about the infusion of technology in promoting the arts.