District Curriculum Philosophy

River Rouge School District (RRSD) is committed to providing support services in all areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ALL K-12 students. The curriculum is delivered through evidence-based instructional practices to improve the growth and achievement for ALL students.  The Curriculum and Instruction Department supports this work through a continuous improvement process that is supported through a district-wide professional development plan that involves curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


The River Rouge School District begins with the belief that it is the essential right of all students to benefit from a curriculum that is standards-based, rigorous, and relevant. The curriculum is designed to help students gain knowledge, promote deep understanding of core academics and critical skill development for students learning in a 21st century real world context.  To this end, the curriculum prepares students for college and career readiness, and to become independent and productive citizens in a global society.

Each year district educator’s focus on Michigan curriculum standards which sets students learning expectations and denotes what students are taught and should be able to do by the end of the school year. The district’s curriculum is designed and delivered using a standards-based approach to ensure that graduates possess 21st Century skills and competencies necessary for success. The RRSD curriculum is in alignment with the Michigan state standards and includes applicable tools linked to academic and non-academic resources, textbooks, online academic supports, pacing guides, assessments, strategies, and instructional practices used within a classroom and throughout the district to ensure that students acquire academic growth, proficiency, and/or mastery in any and all academic and social areas.

Curriculum Leadership

Nichole German
Chief Academic Officer
Alisha Jones
Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator