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The School District of the City of River Rouge Special Services Department provides services for eligible students as prescribed on an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  The Student Supports Services aims to offer opportunities for all students to navigate throughout the curriculum while providing educational support through the Least Restrictive Environment process.


The Special Services Department’s vision is to promote and maintain educational excellence for ALL learners in every school. This aligns with the School District of the City of River Rouge’s motivational standards. Students requiring support services will receive individualized provision to maximize accessibility and participation within the educational environment.  


The mission of the Department of Student Support Services is to provide a systematic delivery of services for students. To facilitate evidence-based practices, policies, and protocols, this department strives to ensure students receive data-driven and explicit instruction tailored to meet the goals and objectives identified through their individualized educational plan. The School District of the City of River Rouge encourages students to believe, reach, and achieve their highest potential, and the Student Support Services department champions that effort.

Do you have concerns about your child’s success in school?

Contact your child’s teacher or the building administrator.  This personnel will guide the next steps for addressing your concerns.  Check out the Family Resources tab on this page for district and community support. Feel free to reach out to the Special Services Department for additional information at 313.203.3760.

Special Services Offices

Alisa Berry-Brown
Deputy Superintendent
Cheyenne Bush
Special Services Administrative Assistant