Open enrollment is currently closed for the first semester.  At this time only River Rouge residents may enroll.

Enrollment Office

Located inside River Rouge High School

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
‚ÄčOpen all summer, except for holidays

313-297-9600 option 2

The School District of the City of River Rouge is offering open enrollment for students from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade.

Pre-Enrollment Registration

Pre-Enrollment does not enroll your child for school, you will still need to come into the enrollment office to complete the registration.  Below are the forms you will need to complete and a list of items required to complete the enrollment.

Pre-Enrollment does let the school district know of a parent's or guardian's interest in enrolling their child(ren) for school.

Pre-Enrollment Form

Enrollment Packets

Below you will find PDF versions of the various enrollment packets. Many of them have text fields that can be typed or boxes to be checked.

If you choose to fill out a PDF form you must either print the form on paper from your device, or print the form to a PDF file from your device.  You will not be able to submit this information or save your progress in the file you download.

PDF DocumentApplication

What is STEM? See the STEM FAQ.

All STEM Applicants will be required to complete either an In-District Enrollment Packet or a Schools of Choice Enrollment Packet based on school district residency requirements.