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New Enrollee Procedures

  • The parent or guardian of any new student(s) enrolling in the district must complete a River Rouge Student Application. Two of the questions on the River Rouge Student Application ask about previous special education services and what services, if any, did the student receive previously.
  • If the parent or guardian indicates yes to special education services on the River Rouge Student Application, the enrollment office will then ask the parent to bring in the most recent IEP, MET, and REED as well as any other pertinent documents related to special education. The parent or guardian will also complete an Authorization for Release of Information form. This will allow the previous school to send any special education records to the School District of the City of River Rouge.
  • Once the parent or guardian submits a copy of the most recent special education documents the special education director will review them.
  • The special education director determines if River Rouge will provide FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) using the previous school district's IEP or will have the assigned caseload provider convene a new IEP within 30 school days.
  • Once the determination has been made to adopt the previous school district's IEP or complete a new IEP within 30 school days, the Previous Enrollment Notice or Provision of Programs and Services form will be completed and a copy will be provided to the parent or guardian as well as the caseload provider along with the previous IEP, MET, and REED. The caseload provider will use the FAPE date on the Previous Enrollment Notice for Provision of Programs and Services form as the new FAPE date on the new IEP.
  • The caseload provider should be notified that a new student has been added to their caseload within one business day of the student enrolling at River Rouge. Services should begin immediately; however, no later than two business days of student entering the building. Services should be provided based on whether the district decided to use the previous school district's IEP or using Notice of Provision of Programs and Services Form.
  • If the parent does not have a copy of the child's IEP, MET, and REED this will delay the process. We cannot provide services until the District is able to retain a copy of at the minimum the IEP.

Special Services Offices

Alisa Berry-Brown
Deputy Superintendent
Cheyenne Bush
Special Services Administrative Assistant