River Rouge School District Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge for my child to attend River Rouge Public Schools?

No. River Rouge School District is a public entity, which means that, it is free of charge to attend. There is no tuition or any other fee to attend the school.

My child lives outside of River Rouge School District. Can he or she still attend River Rouge Public Schools?

Yes. We have two open enrollment periods each year.  During this time any student can enroll to attend school in River Rouge School District.

Is there a uniform or dress code policy in River Rouge School District?

All students in Grades K-8 are expected to wear uniforms (Please see River Rouge School District’s Uniform Policy).  High school students do not have a uniform.   

Will you transport my child to River Rouge School District?

Yes. Unlike most neighboring districts, River Rouge School District has a comprehensive transportation plan which is free and available to every student.

Does River Rouge School District offer After School Clubs, Activities and Sports?  Is there free transportation for students who participate?

The District offers an array of after school clubs, sports and activities.  They are specific per building and grade level.

Free transportation is provided to students who participate in after school clubs, activites and sports.

Are after-school activities free?  

Yes, there is no charge for students to participate in after school activities.  

Is dinner provided for students who participate in After School Activities?  

Yes, dinner is provided for FREE to all students that participate in After School Activities.