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For a student to qualify for Section 504 protection, the student must: 

  1. have a mental or physical impairment
  2. which substantially limits
  3. one or more major life activities

All three criteria must be met before a student is eligible for Section 504 protection.


This support is available for students who are unable to physically attend school as prescribed by a physician. Medical documentation is required.

McKinney Vento Act for Homeless Education

Homelessness, More Common Than You Think

River Rouge Schools provides assistance to identified homeless families and unaccompanied youth. The federal No Child Left Behind Act emphasizes the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act as an integral part in aiding students and families in these situations to prevent academic failure and promote success through graduation.

Who is homeless? Homeless, as defined by the McKinney Vento Homeless Act, means individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This includes families that are doubled-up and youth not living with a biological parent or legal guardian.

What causes homelessness? Natural disasters, divorce, death, illness, poverty, and abusive situations all contribute to homelessness.

What can the school do to assist those in homeless situations? The school has an identified Homeless Liaisons, the student services coordinator. The district’s Homeless Liaisons can assist identified homeless students with free breakfast and lunch, transportation, school supplies, enrollment in school and programs, and information regarding area support organizations.

National Center for Homeless Education

Community Resources

Supportive Housing and Homeless Services

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

If you are a family in need of services to support housing stability, Wayne Metro provides support to the community with over 70 programs like utility assistance, head start, financial counseling, home ownership workshops, free tax preparation, and homeless services.

  • Detroit, Hamtramck, & Highland Park: (313) 388-9799
  • Everywhere else in Wayne County: (734) 284-6999

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