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April 9, 2021
National Honor Society Fundraiser
The Panther National Honor Society is hosting a Spring  fundraiser. We are selling uplifting and inspiring gifts that celebrate culture. Flip through the attached catalog and let us know what you think. Shop early for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduation season while supporting a good cause.  You have three ways to shop. 

1.Use our secure link https://www.black-gifts.com/findmyrep?repcode=645065  and select River Rouge High School and your items will be sent directly to you .

2.Visit www.black-gifts.com , select find my affiliate at the top of the page and enter our code 645065. You must select River Rouge High School in order for us to receive credit.  

3. You may place your order with Kelly Young-Raymore and I will deliver your items to you at school.  

I've attached a copy of the spring catalog but feel free to purchase any item on the website. The River Rouge National Honor Society will receive credit as long as your screen shows that you are shopping with River Rouge High School . If you would prefer to look at a paper catalog and place your order  we can accommodate that as well. Just let me know. Please, share our link with your networks .   Thanks in advance for your support ! If you have any questions please email Kelly.Young-Raymore@RiverRougeSchools.org


April 8, 2021
High School Testing Schedule April 12-16

Hello High School Scholars and Families:

First of all, we thank you for your continued support and flexibility during this unpredictable time.  As we all know, due to our continued concern for the safety of our students, staff, and families, we continue to make adjustments as needed.  As a follow up, please note that students will continue to work online for Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  In person will only be held next week, April 12 - 16 for state testing.  There is a flyer attached with the testing dates.  All other students will be working from home via Google Classroom.  Please review the testing schedule and make adjustments necessary for next week.  

Monday, 4-12 - All students log into remotely to Google classes with teachers

Tuesday, 4-13 - 11th graders only in person for SAT testing

Wednesday, 4-14 - 11th graders only in person for ACT testing 

Thursday, 4-15 - 10th graders only in person for PSAT testing

Friday, 4-16 - 9th graders only in person for PSAT testing 

We thank you for your cooperation and support as always!

March 22, 2021
Weekly Updates for March 22

Hello High School Scholars and Families:

We hope that you had an amazing weekend and that you continue to stay healthy and safe.  This week will close out of 3rd quarter of the school year so we want to provide you with some updates as we head into our final week before Spring Break.  

Quarter 3 gradebooks will close for teachers on this Friday, March 26.  All students should continue to log into class daily for instruction and attendance.  Please make sure that all work is submitted before Friday so that it can be counted and recorded for the 3rd quarter.  

Please NOTE: Friday, March 26 is a scheduled half day for both students and staff.  Students will have an asynchronous learning day on Friday to complete any work.  Students should log into each teacher's Google Classroom to check in for attendance and any assigned work for the half day.  There will be no Google Meetings on Friday.  This is an independent work day for students once they have logged into their Google Classrooms.  

Spring Break will begin on March 27 and go through April 5, 2021.  All classes, both online and in person will resume on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.  Please stay safe and enjoy your break.  

Quarter 4 will also begin on Tuesday, April 6.  We will continue to offer both distance (online) learning as we have all school year, as well as the Hybrid In Person learning.  As a reminder, Monday and Tuesday is designated for local, eastside, and downriver students while Thursday and Friday is for our westside students.  Wednesday is a distance (online) learning day for all students.  Students who were in person for Quarter 3 will remain on our in person list for Quarter 4 - these students do NOT need to complete the in person application again.  If you did not attend in person during Quarter 3 but would like to opt in for the in person learning in Quarter 4, you MUST complete the in person application with the link below.  It is important for us to track which students are in the building for safety precautions.  


As a closing reminder, this week is the final week of the 3rd marking period; please log into classes daily, turn in your work, and meet with your teachers as needed to ensure a strong finish to Quarter 3!  Have an amazing week!  

March 18, 2021
Extended COVID-19 Learning Reconfirmation Plan, February 2021
March 7, 2021
Weekly Updates and Quarter 2 Honors

Hello Panther Scholars and Families:

We want to first of all say Happy March and that we hope you continue to be well!  As we begin our week, we have a few updates for our Panther Families!

First of all, below you will find the link to the Quarter 2 Honors video.  We appreciate all of the hard work and congratulate you each on your accomplishments.  


Secondly, this week is the middle of our Quarter 3 so progress report grades will be posted to Student and Parent Connect by this Wednesday, March 10, 2021.  Please contact the office if you need assistance with your Student and/or Parent Connect @ 313-297-9600 or  toni.robertson@riverrougeschools.org  or  patrice.bass@riverrougeschools.org.  

In addition, the high school will hold Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences on this Wednesday, March 10 from 1-4pm and 5-7pm.  All teachers will be available during this time.  Teachers have sent out their invites on how to sign up and reach them for parent teacher conferences on Wednesday.  If you have not received anything, please feel free to contact the individual teacher.  We want to ensure that you have the opportunity to collaborate with the teachers to learn more about student progress.  

We hope that you have an amazing week.  Continue to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay Panther strong!